'Minecraft' Fan Finds an Opportunity to Program BASIC Code In-game

You may have seen Minecraft used to teach programming or mods that let you play programming however, writing BASIC code inside Minecraft? It's almost not possible... until now. SethBling has created a BASIC interpreter that lets you compile and run basic programs and scripts within Mojang's game of world-building. It boils down to using a variety of command blocks but it's actually working. You can not only print text, but also have in-game robots ("turtles") complete tasks. Are you looking to dig a long tunnel for your project? You can create a digging script and let the bot handle all the hard work.

It's not possible to write complex software in a system that wasn't designed for it. All about minecraft servers and minecraft in general The game's operating speed of 20Hz renders code slow. It's only able to execute 20 commands per second, and it gets slower the more you use it. However, you won't have to spend weeks recreating the interpreter by yourself. SethBling has provided the required materials, so it's simply a a matter of installing the add-on, and then brushing up on your IF/THEN expressions.

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